Zombie Defense

Zombie Defense is our first video game demo.  We are currently in the third iteration of this small project.

Here are the previous versions of the game.

Zombie Defense prototype

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Prototype version. Everything is very basic.

This was a very rough prototype. Basically no graphics, and extremely simple mechanics.


Zombie  Defense v0.2

Although the basic mechanics are the same, this version has better graphics, sounds and a rubber bullets mechanics.

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Better graphics, better sound.


Zombie Defense v0.3

More mechanics! We replaced the rubber bullets with a flamethrower!

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We changed the look of the game. Now it has a cartoonish feeling.

We added a small intro, character movement. We also re did the whole look of the game. Check out those cartoon graphics!


We are still working in adding more mechanics to the game, and work harder on animations and better sounds.